This is a website about Stocks and Golf.  A wonderful combination!


I am David Winchell (AKA: GOLFWINCH)

My goal is to help people grow their money. I want to teach people how to invest their own money, instead of handing it over to someone, or some company to manage it for them.


I am also going to be reviewing golf courses, discussing golf topics, and helping people in any way that I can.


Best Wishes,



David is first and foremost a loving and devoted husband, (to his beautiful wife Teresa), and the father of two precious sons, (Max and Jacob).  His family, and his faith in God, are paramount in the priorities of his life.

David has had an uncanny interest in the stock market and financial matters for well over ten years. He has read and referenced a multitude of books on these topics, as well as related literature from highly successful men and women.  Where most would be laboring to gather and absorb this wealth of information, David relishes it!  He can’t get enough, and is constantly reading, listening, and searching for more ways to learn and succeed in this ever changing world.

In his spare time, he plays golf, (another love of his), basketball, runs marathons, and listens to pod-casts related to stocks and the finances of the world.  In addition, he is the treasurer for a stock club that meets once a month.  Oh, yeah, and he attends college as well.  He is close to attaining his Associates Degree in Business.

The one quality that stands out with David is his high degree of integrity.  His desire to succeed is very strong, but his desire to succeed doing things the right way, is even more important.  David believes firmly in helping others, and fully intends to implement that practice with his pod-casts and future tutorials.


Written by:

Don Winchell

David’s Dad