Stocks and Golf Podcast #025

by GOLFWINCH on April 30, 2012

  • Monday April 30, 2012
  • David’s World view.
    • I wish I had a clearer view.
  • Q and A
    • How do I build a stock portfolio?
      • You must first decide how much money to allocate towards stock.
      • Then you must diversify into at least five different sectors or groups.
      • Then you pick the stocks you like by doing homework. Research what you want to buy. This is how you gain an edge over the gamblers.
      • Lastly, you have to monitor your portfolio. The minimum would be once every quarter. Think of it like a garden. There will be weeds and beautiful flowers. Do not be afraid to take loses or prune the winners. A good rule is to trim a double in half and let the rest ride.
  • Hot stock segment.
    • LQMT
  • golf news
    • Ernie Els loses in a playoff to Dufner.
  • Fun fact –
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