Stocks and Golf Podcast #027

by GOLFWINCH on June 1, 2012

  • Friday, June 1, 2012
  • Indexes
  • Stock Market News
    • Jobs report was horrible.
    • FB – Let’s talk about it.
  • David’s World view.
    • Long summer slog.
  • Q and A
    • Why should I buy any stock when all I see is a market that goes nowhere?
  • Hot stock segment.
    • ET ~ Exact Target
  • golf news –
    • Tiger is 4 shots off of the lead in Memorial Tournament
  • Golf tip –
    • What’s the problem?
      • When teaching or learning what is wrong with a swing, first decide if the thing to work on is the swing itself or the angle of the club at impact.
  • Announcements – My first baby girl is going to be here no later than Tuesday.
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